Freshman Orientation Experience is mandatory for all first time students.

学生 will gain information about financial aid, 学位和学术规划, 校园资源, 在线导航系统, 参观一下校园.  Completing FOX Orientation will be another step towards completing your college degree.


Getting ready for FOX Orientation and 开始ning your college career can be stressful. Here are a few steps you can check off to be sure you are ready:



FOX Orientation is held in an in-person format which would require a trip to campus or as an online option held on Zoom.  If you register for in-person, you will need to make a trip to campus. If you register for the Online section, you will receive the login information the week of your scheduled FOX session.

FOX Orientation is scheduled for 2 hours. We will be sharing information on financial aid, 学位和学术规划, 校园资源, 在线导航系统, 和更多的.

是的,FOX Orientation是强制性的. It will provide you with information to prepare you to 开始 your academic journey.

You will simply need a computer/tablet/phone with the ability to access the internet and the link that will be provided to you to access the Zoom Meeting.

You should have met with your advisor and built your schedule. Once you have built your schedule and registered for orientation you have met the requisites.

是的. New students enrolling at MECC directly from high school are required to complete orientation even if they earned college credit while in high school. Orientation is important to your success as a student and provides you with a comprehensive introduction to MECC. 

We share information on financial aid, 校园资源, 在线导航系统, 流程, 还有更多. The registration form is for students, 然而, if you would be more comfortable with someone attending the Meeting with you, 欢迎你这样做. The in-person meetings will have limited seating, please email foxorientation@作为国内.edu if you plan to have a guest attend with you.

If you cannot attend the session you originally registered for, please complete the registration form to select a date that will work for you. We ask that you make your best effort to keep the original date you select, 但是要明白事情可能会发生.

你可以发邮件 foxorientation@作为国内.edu.

是的! FOX Orientation provides you with information and resources to prepare you to 开始 classes and navigate the online systems and feeling comfortable in the college setting. SDV 100 is a graded course that provides with you with skills and information to benefit you through your college journey. The information provided during SDV 100 is very different than what you receive in the 2-hour FOX Orientation Session.


  • MECC于1972年开业
  • 吉祥物是福克斯
  • The President of 靠谱的买球网站 is, Dr. 克里斯汀威斯多佛
  • MECC is part of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) along with 22 other community colleges across the state.
  • An Associate of Applied Science Degree is for students primarily interested in acquiring technical skills that lead directly to employment after graduation. 不用于转让.
  • 艺术副学士 & Sciences Degree is designed for those who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • A Certificate is awarded for career-technical programs, usually two semesters in length. 他们不打算转让.
  • A Career Studies Certificate is designed for enhancement of job/life skills, 针对职业变化进行再培训, and/or investigating new career possibilities. 不用于转让.
  • The MECC 教师 and 工作人员 are available to support you and answer your questions.
  • MECC has a variety of resources available to assist you on your educational journey. If you have a need, reach out to see if there is a way we can be of assistance to you.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact studentservices@作为国内.edu or foxorientation@作为国内.edu