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弗吉尼亚小企业发展中心 The 弗吉尼亚小企业发展中心 located at 靠谱的买球网站 offers free business consulting, 负担得起的培训课程, 个人对当地资源的推荐, guidance, insights, 以及帮助企业成功的关系. The 小企业发展中心 at 靠谱的买球网站 is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. 小企业管理局. 所有的意见, conclusions or recommendations expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the SBA. 你的生意需要帮助吗? Services are confidential and there is no charge for counseling services.  Let us help you save time with your business projects MECC\’s 小企业发展中心 provides the following services:

  • 管理技能 

  • 业务信息 

  • 业务规划 

  • 生产力的提高 

  • Workshops 

  • 网络帮助 

  • 贷款申请协助 

  • 企业融资来源 

  • 财务分析 

  • Marketing 

  • 许可证、执照和税收 

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资助搜索来源:资助.gov: ( this is a federal database that provides details on all federal government grant opportunities ( this website also offers information on federal grant opportunities

OpenGrants:( a very comprehensive data set of public and private grants in the US

GrantWatch:( this is a subscription-based site that provides information on public and private grant sources. 他们有一个超过25000个资助项目的数据库


SBIR资助:( this program focuses on technology with the potential for commercialization

STTR资助:( program expands funding for innovative research and the development of leveraging existing technology DoD grants: ( this program is a sub-set of the STTR funding initiative

美国能源部资助:( offered via both SBIR and STTR programs NIH grants: ( these grants are for businesses developing and researching biomedical technology

司法部拨款:(,这些基金项目支持执法, 公共安全活动, 以及刑事司法系统

DOI资助:( grants are offered via several departments, all related to interior department initiatives

DOA拨款:( grants are offered via the Department of Agriculture to create quality jobs and those that provide needed services in rural areas

NIFA资助:( The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), are offered only to non-profits and larger businesses

STEP grants: these are offered to small businesses engaged in exporting, and interested parties should check with the SBA’s Office of International Trade for details

私人资助:联邦快递小型企业资助:( this program has been in operation almost a decade and includes applicants nationwide. 最高奖金是50美元,000元及4元,联邦快递办公室服务, 还有20美元的小额贷款,000元及1元,500美元的联邦快递服务. The program runs annually National Association for the Self-employed (NASE) Growth Grants: ( these grants are intended for members that want to grow their business, 他们出价4美元,000 and the awarded funds can be used for a wide range of business activities

The Streetshares Foundation Veteran Business Grant: (这些补助金对退伍军人开放, 现役, 或配偶, 获奖者最高可获得15美元奖金,000, 都是基于这个想法, 资金预期用途, 产品市场健康, team, and the impact the business will have on the veteran or military community

资产净值补助金:(提供每季度10美元的资助,000 to help solve a business problem or take applicant’s business to the next level

Up & 营运补助金:( funding of $10,000 is granted to 50 awardees nationally in cash, coaching, and eBay education.

Grants for Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Businesses:

银河补助金:由隐星提供, 总部位于德克萨斯州的501(3)(C), 最高出价2美元,900推荐几个靠谱的买球网站女性和少数族裔企业

The Coalition to Back Black Businesses: grants range from $5,000 – $25,000, 然后在秋天分发较小的奖项, with the larger awards being offered during the summer. 除了现金奖励, the program is planning to offer other support services and training worth over $14 million over a 4-year timespan. The business must be in an economically-vulnerable community verified via the “Distressed Communities Index”

The Girlboss Foundation grant: these awards are for $15,000 and are geared towards firms that will create innovations in design, music, arts, 时尚产业. 奖项每年颁发两次

Kitty Fund grant: these are micro-grants of $500 with awards intended to help mothers grow their businesses, 他们必须至少有两名员工

Amber grant: these range from $4,000 – $30,000 per award, and awards are made monthly. In addition, they offer “year-end” grants of $25,000. 申请企业必须为女性所有, and owners must be able to explain how the business will use the funds

It should be noted that some localities and local organizations also provide grants, so interested parties may want to check with local resources for these opportunities. Also, this is not an all-inclusive list of grants that may be available but is intended to be representative of different options for small businesses seeking grant funding. 此外, it should be noted that these programs are generally not intended to fund start-up businesses, and many are focused on specific industries that require a significant level of expertise on the part of the applicant company’s owners

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